Pet Paintings and Paintings of Lake Tahoe

NEW TAHOE EAST SHORE Painting: See the new painting in the “Water Paintings” Series below.

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About the Artist


During my childhood, I moved 9 times through 7 different states by the age of 15. Somewhere in the middle of all those moves and lost friends, I gave up on feelings to keep myself safe. Then in 2009, I attended Burning Man for the first time, and my feeling were once again ignited, and my love for creating art returned.  After years of taking painting classes, I decided to take a leap into the unknown and quit my computer programming job to follow my true passion, painting and art.

I don’t create art because it comes easily to me.  Art and painting is the hardest thing I have ever done, but I do it because I am passionate about painting and art.  Each painting is like the journey of life.  I start with a blank canvas, my initial marks can be clumsy and awkward.  the colors aren’t quite right.  But, the painting slowly develops, and I get more comfortable with the development of the image and colors.  At the end everything comes together, and I am happy and proud of what I have accomplished, but then it is finished.  But I love the whole process or journey, and I realize that true happiness doesn’t come when life is easy, it comes after you have struggled and grown a little.  It is the passion that pushes us through the tough times so we can enjoy the joy and happiness when it comes.  I want to share my passion for painting with you.

My Mission

I want to awaken your passion and ignite your feelings to help you push through the tough times in life; so you can swim in the joy and happiness life gives us.  Life is not about avoiding discomfort and struggle.  Life is about overcoming difficulties by following our passion and growing through the process.  And your reward is  happiness and feelings of accomplishment.  My dream is that everyone takes the leap to follow their passions through the challenges and joys of life.